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Introduction To WhiteStone Dome 

Whitestone targeted to provide the first true “Full-Screen Adhesive” tempered glass screen protector for curved bezel-less phones. Whitestone dome offers product that they call 4 Full. 4 Full represents the four basic qualities that are 1. Fully Responsive 2. Full Coverage 3. Full Clarity 4. Full Fix. Whitestone dome tempered glass comes handy with an installation kit which contains all the required items for its installation. There are clear instructions on how to use it like a pro. This method makes the tempered glass installation on a curved screen much easier.

Whitestone dome coupon code helps you to get the tempered dome glass which has been optimized for edged phones. Whitestone dome promo code are frequently updated on its website. This tempered glass was first developed in 2016 and holds applications for International patent in the US, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, and the EU. While constantly giving Whitestone dome discount coupons, the company finished developing the DIY (do it yourself) type dome glass by 2017. It also entered the global market in the first half of 2017. Whitestone makes Premium Tempered Glass for devices like Samsung Galaxy Series models, iPhone models, and others. Using their patent LOCA technology, Whitestone dome offers real solutions in the screen protectors.

The reality is it’s really difficult to get a screen protector, especially one made of tempered glass, to adhere properly to a curved screen. By approaching the installation as a professional, Whitestone has managed to bring in the impossible: a perfect installation. The Kit has all the detailed instructions mentioned as well as there are YouTube tutorials for assistance on the installation. 


Services and Products by Whitestone Dome

Whitestone dome offers full coverage tempered glass for phones of multiple brands such as Samsung Galaxy Series model, iPhone model. These tempered glasses can be ordered using Whitestone Dome Coupon code at a distinctively lower price from across the world. The delivery services for Whitestone Dome discounted tempered glass may charge you some amount internationally. For detailed information regarding the delivery services in your area and its charges please, visit the website.

Whitestone ships every day, from Monday to Friday. Also Offers Whitestone dome promo code. They pack and process the orders within the next business day. The delivery of the product also depends upon the efficiency of the postal carrier.

A Whitestone Replacement kit is provided for all warranty replacements. The Replacement Kit contains a UV Curing Lamp and all the components of Full Installation Kit including the tubes of liquid adhesive/glue. The replacement requests under the warranty policy is solely for customers who have already purchased sea Full Installation Kit. Whitestone dome glass under the warranty policy can be requested for a replacement, the customer must create an account through the website. After creating the Account, go to ‘My Account' then ‘Register a Product ‘. Once the customer has registered his original Dome Glass purchase, go to ‘Warranty Replacement’ tab to place the order request. The customer must provide photo evidence of the received damaged Whitestone product and proof of purchase. You can get the information of the Whitestone Dome coupons on their official website. 


How to use Whitestone Dome Coupons

Whitestone dome coupon code or Whitestone dome voucher code is repeatedly updated on its website. To avail the Whitestone dome discount code don’t forget to keep checking on to the website. In order to get notified about the latest Whitestone dome offers register yourself on the website. Make sure you enter the Whitestone Dome Coupon Code before checking out the product. Whitestone discount code helps its clients receive their products at a cheaper price internationally as well.


FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

 1. Can we install the Whitestone dome tempered glass at home?

Yes, Whitestone dome tempered glasses are easy to install. It is a user-friendly product that can be installed by anyone easily at home.


 2. How do we install the Whitestone tempered glass?

Whitestone dome tempered glass comes handy with all the instruction mentioned on it regarding its usage and installation. For a comprehensive guide on how to install the tempered glass, you may also go through the YouTube video tutorials uploaded separately for each one of its models.


 3. Does Whitestone dome tempered glass come with adhesive?

Whitestone Dome is a self-adhesive tempered glass. It doesn’t require any separate adhesive to stick on the phone screen.


 4. Where do we get the Whitestone dome Coupon Code?

Whitestone dome voucher code can be traced from its website. The Whitestone Discounts are continually updated within a certain period of time.


 5. In terms of wrong product delivery or damaged product will it be returnable?

Yes, if the product qualifies the return and refund policies started by the company it can be returned and refunded as well. For more details on the return and refund policies of the company please visit the website.


What are the criteria of delivery for domestic USA and Internationally?

For a domestic delivery- USA, orders take an estimated 3-5 business days to be delivered after the departure from their Whitestone warehouse for standard shipping. For international Deliveries, shipping rates vary from country to country. You may find out the detailed charges of delivery in your country or area by entering your postal code at the website.


Customer Service Details

Whitestone doesn’t provide a particular customer care contact number. If in any case the customer requires assistance from the company regarding any issue they may reach out to the company by filling up an online form that is updated on their website. In the form, you can write down all the issues you need their guidance with. As well as if you have ordered the product from any other website like Amazon, eBay etc. you can directly reach them for any assistance. These websites like Amazon and eBay also provide Whitestone dome Coupon code and Whitestone Voucher code that can be similarly availed at its check out.  The details are given in the Whitestone website.

US Corporate Address: 22808 Lockness Have, TorranHeadquarters1, Korea Corporate Headquarters: 27, Baekeokgongdan7 – ro, SeoBuk - gu, Cheonan – Si, Chungcheongnam – do, Republic of Korea.

Website: https://www.whitestonedome.com