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Introduction of Walabot

Walabot products, powered by Vayyar’s revolutionary 3D imaging technology, are used by thousands of people worldwide, across a range of industries from construction, medical, automotive, smart home, retail, robotics and much more. The technology is based on 3D imaging sensors that use radiofrequency, rather than a camera, to see through solid surfaces and create a visual image of things inside. The website repeatedly updates its Walabot discount codes to make the products more affordable for its consumers.

In October 2018, the technology of Walabot has launched Walabot Home to help keep people safe, with rapid fall detection alerts. The technology is undoubtedly incredible. Walabot DIY gives consumers a ‘Superman-Vision’ to see through walls.

The return requests are accepted only if the request is made within 30 days of receiving the product. Only defective or damaged products can be returned in accordance to the warranty policy stated by the company. 

The company is doing an incredible job by allowing technical minds to construct creative things that makes life easy and saves us a lot of time. The Walabot coupon codes are equally useful for newcomers who can’t afford expensive devices at this time. Sky is the limit to such imaginations and creations.


Products and Services by Walabot

Walabot offers a wide range of amazing products that make life much easier because of the technology used. Some of the products are: Walabot DIY Plus, Walabot Starter Pack, Walabot Creator Pack, Walabot Developer Pack, etc. It also has Accessory Packs, DIY Protective cases, Accessory Kits, USB OTG Cables, C OTG Cables, etc. All of the mentioned items are deliverable internationally, to know the details the consumers are suggested to visit the website and click on the product to know its delivery criteria. 

Recently the company has launched Walabot Home that helps keep people safe by rapidly detecting and giving fall alerts. They have also created an advanced In-Wall Imaging device by applying their technology for Walabot DIY. This device can see through walls to detect what is behind. Walabot Maker puts the power in its consumer’s hand, to use its breakthrough imaging technology to create their own applications for whatever use they see fit. With Walabot, creating is made easy for both: a tech newbie and a pro.

Any application created with Walabot has the same principle at its core that is – safe, effective, affordable, and mobile devices to improve health, security, and quality of life. Such principles of any device are much required in today’s world that leaves you with no time after a hectic day. With Walabot, everything is possible because it gives power to the consumer to create whatever he needs. 


How to use Walabot coupon codes?

The website is updated every once in while within a fixed interval with new Walabot voucher codes. These coupon codes are most useful when the consumer is interested in making a purchase within a budget. The company suggests using the Walabot discount codes since it makes the purchase relatively affordable. The website also runs some discounts that are automatically added during the check out. In such Walabot offers the consumer does not need to fill in or apply any coupon code during checkout. 

Every coupon or voucher is restricted to be used only once per order. The consumers may also choose to register themselves for free on website to get instantly notifies whenever there is a new update regarding offers, discounts or sales.

All the customers are suggested to make sure they enter or apply a valid coupon code before checking out.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

 1. How do I track my order?

All the orders placed are confirmed via emails. The email has the receipt and some other necessary information about the merchant which is followed by another email that contains the tracking details of the ordered package. This detail can be used by the consumer to track his package. If in any case, the consumer doesn’t receive any such email or is unable to track his package using the given details, he must immediately contact the customer service team to ask assistance in the matter.


 2. Are Walbot products only meant to be used by professional?

No. Walabot products are designed in a way that it makes creating easy. That’s the reason why even newcomers can use it without hesitation.


 3. Will the seller refund me the return expenses? 

No. Neither the seller nor company is responsible for the return shipping. The consumer himself has to bear all the extra return expenses. 


 4. How do I return my order which is defective?

The consumer is given 14 days to check his product thoroughly after receiving it. If they find any damage or defect in the quality. If the product is by any chance defective please contact the customer care for assistance. The return requests should be made within 30 days of receiving it. The return should be first approved by the customer care team. If for any reason the consumer returns the product without prior notice to the customer care, the refund will not be processed.


 5. Where do I get the latest Walabot discount codes?

The company frequently updates the website regarding the ongoing Walabot coupon codes. The consumers are suggested to either keep a track of the website by checking it again and again or by registering themselves for free on the website. Registration on the website makes the consumer experience a much easier access to the latest Walabot offers. 


 6. Does the company ship internationally?

Yes, the company does ship internationally. To know the details please visit the website.


 7. Can I become a distributor of Walabot?

Yes. Becoming a distributor or dealer of Walabot products is not difficult. You may either choose to directly talk to the customer care or fill-up an online form given in the website.

Customer Service Details

Warehouse address: Vayyar Imaging LTD, Aero Fulfillment Services, 6023 Union Centre Blvd Fairfield, OH 45014 USA