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About TeeChip Coupon Codes

Registered on May 27, 2014, by TeeChip Administrator via NameCheap Inc registrar, Tee Chip is a popular and well-formed online store which sells a variety of clothing attires such as tops, sweatshirt, long sleeve shirts and t-shirts with teechip coupon Code. In addition to this, TeeChip also sells other items like tote bags, tank tops, phone cases, customizable mugs, and wall décor all with Teechip promo Code. Their top-selling categories apart from clothing are educational, motivational, US holiday, seasonal, arts & crafts and food. TeeChip offers TeeChip discount code to their customer which helps them in saving some extra bucks. 


Services and Products offered by TeeChip

TeeChip offers a variety of products that comes under various categories that are available on their website. These categories are:



  • Classic T-Shirt        

Ladies T-Shirt    

  • Premium Men’s Tee          

  • Premium Ladies Tee    

V-Neck T-Shirt   

  • Long Sleeve Tee   

  • Sleeveless Tee   

  • Youth T-Shirt             

Tank tops                   

  • Unisex Tank  
  • Ladies Flowy Tank 


  • Hooded Sweatshirt  
  • Crewneck Sweatshirt   

Other apparel                   

  • Classic Hat   
  • Trucker Hat 
  • Onesies   
  • Leggings  


  • Phone Case  
  • Mug   
  • Color Changing Mug   
  • Tote Bag  
  • Drawstring Bag  
  • Posters


How to use TeeChip discount Coupons?

With the increased usage of smartphones, digital coupons become very famous among people. People now love to use coupons that are provided by different merchants on the services and products they offer online. Digitals coupons also help in growing one’s business. To use TeeChip Coupons, one needs to copy the coupon at first from the page where the coupon is present and then paste the coupon in the box of “Promo Code” which is present on the checkout page of the TeeChip website. After the successful application of the TeeChip coupon code, you will be able to save a lot from it.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Q. What is the procedure of refund on TeeChip?

Although TeeChip does not allow refund or returns as they sell all the customized products but, there are few cases in which TeeChip returns or refunds the orders of its customers. These are:

  • If there is any flaw in the product. 

  • If the quality of printing is poor. 

  • If the size delivers is incorrect.

  • If the material of the product is different from what it is mentioned over their website. 

  • To claim the refund, all you need to do is to claim the money back within 15 days of delivery. This can be done by filling up the claim form in which all you need to do is to fill in the order number as well as order email which is mentioned in the order. 


Q. What are the modes of Payment provided by TeeChip to its customers?

TeeChip offers their customers a number of payment mode. These are:

  • Credit Cards – All the American Express, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard are accepted by TeeChip.

  • Debit Cards – All the debit cards that feature Visa or Mastercard logo are accepted. Pre-Paid debit cards have to be registered with TeeChip before making any payment with them. This can be easily done by contacting their customer support team who will easily help you out in this or this can also be done by simply following all the instructions that are written over the card.

  • Sofort – all the European customers use Sofort which allows them to use their online banking details to do the payment for their purchases. Sofort is present in many European countries such as the UK, Switzerland, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Netherland, Italy, Hungary, Germany, France, republic, Czech, Belgium, and Austria. Only the customers who belong to Eurozone can use this payment method. 

  • GiroPay – The customers that belong from Germany can pay through GiroPay which allows them to pay through direct bank transfer. Only the customers who belong to Eurozone can use this payment method. 

  • SEPA – For the consumers belonging from Eurozone, SEPA allows one-click payment through direct debit. Only the customers who belong to Eurozone can use this payment method. 


Q. What is the cost of shipping on TeeChip?

The shipping cost of TeeChip differs from item to item. These vary as:

  • The maximum of the items comes at $4.99 for one item with an additional $1.99 for each additional item. 

  • The shipping cost of one hoody is $6.99 which increases by $1.99 with every additional item. 

  • The shipping cost of one sweatshirt is $6.99 which increases by $1.99 with every additional sweatshirt. 

  • Mugs come at a shipping cost of $5.99 per item which increases by $3.99 within every quantity. 

  • An additional $2.00 is charged on international shipping. 

  • Also, the company ships the items from their stores in 5 to 10 business days. But, for the international order to ship it takes around 1 to 2 weeks to ship. In addition to this, a 100% quality guarantee is also provided by TeeChip which is applicable to all of their supported goods. 


Q. What features are available on TeeChip?

The company offers a variety of features to its customers. Some of the most important and powerful tools provided by the company are upsells, email marketing system, email lead capture, mockup generator, TeeChip coupon code, bulk duplicate, marketplace integration, and custom domains. Apart from these, the company keeps on adding more features from time to time for its customers.


TeeChip Customer Support

To get in contact with the customer support of TeeChip, two different methods are provided by the company. One is the live chat option and the other one is the email option. Also, FAQs are present on their official website which helps you to find solutions quickly. If you are unable to find any reply then you can contact their customer support anytime for a quick reply.

If you have any query regaring placing an order or applying any Teechip Voucher code you can simply contact their customer care and they will help you out. 

As per the information present on their official website contact page, the customer support is available from Monday to Friday from 9.00 A.M to 5 P.M eastern time.

TeeChip does not provide support over the telephone for customer inquiries. All the inquiries are solved via live chat and email.

The official address of TeeChip is TeeChip Administrator, 41454 Christy St., Fremont, CA, 94538.

Telephone Number: 1 (866) 251-0432

Email: admin@teechip.com